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Why Libraries Matter: You Tell Us!

So we can go and look if we need resources for school.  So we can get books to read for fun. Abigail, age 11

If we can't buy a book we can borrow it from the library.  Stephen, age 8

So we can check out books and movies if you don't want to spend the money.  Michaela, age 6

Libraries provide opportunities for the community.  Libraries are environmental.  Often a book is read once and then a person is left with the question of what to do with it?  The library enables us to share with others.  Thank you Wichita Public Library !

For the information they make available to us.  I would not be able to read very many books if I had to purchase them.  I love using a computer and the internet but NOTHING beats curling up with a good mystery on a snowy day. Thanks to all who make the library available to my use. - Donna Blackard Woods

I have a number of reasons why the library is important to me. With a  book, you are never lonely, you always have friend who will talk to you...I never am sure if I will like a book, therefore I read it without buying it...if it turns out I really LOVE it I them can buy my own copy. I no longer try to read "worthwhile" books, only the ones that sound like they will keep me stories are my favorite now. At my age (and I am no kid) I read only for pleasure...and what a pleasure it is. I am one of your greatest customers. Thank you for being here. - Eila L. Daily

The Public Library has been such as blessing to our family. It wasn't until a few of years ago that I started to understand and fully utilize the library services. Before, I would occasionally check out books by walking into a library branch but now I am Gold Card member and checking out a variety of materials online and visiting our local library branch on a weekly basis. The modernization of the library system has enriched my family's life. Sometimes every day I use the website to quickly search for and put on hold dozens of items at a time and check the due dates of what I already have checked out. It's such a convenience to walk into my library branch and go to the desk to pick up everything I want. It was particularly nice when my children were very young and made it difficult to "browse" for a book. Books and other media have become a regular part of our lives. We almost always have a stack of things from the library. We have cookbooks, cooking magazines, how-to books, DVDs, CDs, novels, children's books, and even artwork! Our access to library materials have touched many parts of our lives. My children sometimes check out audio books on the State Library of Kansas website and listen to them before bed. I've joined a book club and it's become one of the most important parts of my month because of the reading but also because of the wonderful friendships I've made. Discussing my latest reading is a regular topic with my spouse, friends, and other family members. Access to research studies through the online sources has supported me at work and in finding information about interests. My children use library resources for school assignments. I laugh when I think about digging through card catalogs to find a single book when I was younger. It's amazing to think about how much has changed and what all we have available to us at the click of our mouse. I'm so glad that our children are growing up surrounded by books and I hope they grow up to love the library as much as I do. - Holly Myers

Libraries encourage creativity with their many resources, catching people's imaginations and encouraging and offering advice for imitation in many skill areas.  They also often allow outlets for sharing our new skills, thus building communities.
For me they have also provided much support in child raising.  I can access expert advice and support my children's studies.  More importantly, they provide a place to practice proper behavior in a friendly atmosphere.  With a wide variety of materials available, we can pursue and develop many tastes, talents and skills, including the art of discernment and making decisions.
With several branches in recreation centers, we're also able to interact with a wider spectrum of the community.  Placing libraries in many areas may be inconvenient at times, but encourages us to participate more fully in the community in which we live and helps us to be better citizens.

Libraries matter because they enable persons of all races, backgrounds and educational level to avail themselves of their services for free. These services have become increasingly varied: no longer do libraries just loan out books, but also music and video, computer time and training, educational programs, and fun activities for both children and adults.
Last but not least, they do provide a safe haven for persons without homes (as long as they don't fall asleep) and for any of us who just need a place to go away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. - Caroni Sandler

Why do libraries matter?  The minds of thousands of people are recorded within the walls of the library.  When you walk into a library you have the thoughts of every type of expert.  You have experts at science as well as experts in the art of making you at ease with their fiction; and all are right at your fingertips.  You cannot meet, in one lifetime, all of the individuals that you have at your disposal at the library.
Yet, you can sit down for a day to read and flow from the waters of the Caribbean with the hot sun kissing your skin to the icy caps of Antarctica with winds chilling you to the bone.  There is no air fare.  There is no need for reservations or shots to make sure you don’t “catch” anything.  All there is need of is a trip to the library to check out the books to take you where you want to go.
Whether it is romance or science, for pleasure or research it does not matter.  The library contains the minds of years and years of thousands of thoughts and ideas.  The span of time cannot touch the importance of each book.  What is that saying, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”?  What is in a book except the expression of a mind?
I have a 7 year old daughter and the joy of reading is being passed on to her.  Every day we read something.  Every day is a new journey when we cuddle up with a book.  One of the highlights of her young experience is getting to go to the library.  It is one of her young loves.  Now she has sparked an interest in writing and illustrating herself.  You never know… - Darlene Woods

I can read so many more books from the library since I don't have to buy them and then I don't have to find a place to store them when I'm finished.

And the Wichita library always has what I'm looking for - they get all the best sellers.

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Last update: 4/17/2008
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